What we want to give you in exchnage for your trust.
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Our concepts 
In our introductory blog post we have touched on the main ideas about our values, aims and philosophy. In this blog we really want to open up about our beliefs.trust, values, building bridges, customer seller relations
Astrum Seven believes that security and confidentiality comes first. That’s why our main merchant partner is PayPal. This means that you are fully protected from purchase point of view and PayPal is looking after your financial well-being in respect to the refunds and any contradictions with a seller. Not like we are planning to be awkward towards our customers, no. This is just extra peace of mind which you don’t need to be concerned about when you are buying online and worried about transaction authenticity, secure payment procedures and money back guarantee. Moreover, you don’t need to be a PayPal user to pay on our website, you simply can follow the steps on PayPal page after you got re-directed from our website for payment purposes.
Our Philosophy
We believe that we all do pay for quality and prestige. It is some kind of fetish, to know that you are wearing outstanding garment created by your favourite designer, which was bought by you for a very pleasant price. By creating Astrum Seven , we managed to combine high standards of world famous brands and the cost of the service ( from warehouse packing to the delivery to your door), to make you happy and satisfied with a product you purchased and probably was longing to buy for a quite a long time.
Our aimsa key, secreted door, opening new doors, new opportunities, The Secret, magic, knowledge
We would like to bring to every single customer our FRIENDSHIP, TRUST and opportunity to follow OUR JOURNEY through the fashion world with us.

Our values
We respects, our customers and designers, manufacturers and brand representatives. Therefore we want to create this endless collaboration between designers, their authentic garments, shoes, bags , accessories delivered to our  customers in UK, Europe and US for very competitive price . Moreover we are planning to extended our delivery world wide.world map, union, connections, family, friendship, trust, world's purpose, peace

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