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The question customers are asking themselves when purchasing online: “Why should I purchase exactly from this website? Will it be convenient for me? Is return process easy enough to follow if I’m not satisfied with the product?”

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In basis of Astrum Seven foundation was an idea to deliver to you all the aspects of customer satisfaction which we would like to see ourselves when purchasing something online (yes, going to the shops with two small children can be a challenge sometimes). So we are doing online shopping every week in different departments on various websites, apart from the men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, bags and accessories, of course.  With our company we wanted to create easy guide for customers to complete the purchase as smooth as possible. First of all, if you don’t know what exactly you want you can search our website by Brands to see what different designer houses are offering. Please , remember some collections are from previous years and therefore are discounted to a very competitive prices. Also you have got a choice of saving the product you like in wish list, compare with similar items or share it in social networks.

The main aspect which customers often forget about – Shipping. Why is that? Simply because it is calculated before the actual check out, so by adding numerous items in your basket you don’t know whether your potential package will go the “ extra weight section” and instead of the promised £4.90 delivery it could go double the price. Or another scenario, you have purchased a few products and pretty happy with the low total price, but then, on the check out the delivery price is equivalent to the products’ value you wanted to purchase. If you navigate to our home page,  there is a clear message  about conditions of the free delivery and returns with a link  for further information on exclusions and countries we ship within Europe for free. Our sincere apologies, but at the minute we are not able to provide Free Shipping to US . Basically all orders over £75 are qualified for Free UK delivery and orders over £100 within European countries listed in our shipping section.

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Why Astrum Seven keeps the cost of P&P free of charge and still have most competitive prices on the market?

We don’t want you to have an unpleasant surprise at check out, as we all had at least once when were doing online shopping. Astrum Seven is happy to take shipping costs upon the company’s expense, to make customers happy and satisfied with an experience of purchasing goods from Astrum Seven. Moreover, we use DHL services as our delivery partners to provide high shipping standards across the Europe and US, alongside with Express delivery methods (UK and Europe only, extra costs apply). We aim to guarantee  delivery  within 3-5 working days from the purchase date and 1-2 working days for Express orders.

We are open for suggestion and do accept objective critique ( please don’t be too harsh on us). If you want to contact us , please follow this link in contacts. We also launching the “Price match campaign”. If you find identical product, which after the postage calculation and return conditions still has got a lower price, please contact us we will try to remain at your disposal.

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