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When I used to be a shopaholic (yes, that was my true and only life style), I used to hunt for low cost brands, expensive garments and accessories from high street brands to high end designers. Anything I have seen and fell in love with, I used to buy instantly. When you’re in a physical store it’s quite easy to understand what precautions are taken in respect to your private space while you’re taking money out of your purse or entering your pin in a card machine to pay for handbag of your dreams . Talking about online shops which are created in a virtual space of the world’s internet web – is uncertain how your card details are used and by whom.

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One situation from personal experience  springs to mind. Once I found online very lovely gift for my best friend’s birthday, for which I was searching for weeks. Not willing to waste any time I jumped straight away to check out where was no PayPal option available. Neither I checked the security certificate which normally can be identified by letter “s” after “http”( https://ANY WEBSITE NAME) nor little padlock 🔒 sign which usually is visible in the front of website address bar in the browser window . The certificate and padlock mean that connection is secured and all data entered, including payment information is sent to the merchant in encrypted form and cannot be seen by anyone security, SSL , Secure Connection, Secure website, secure shopping, card details are safe



So, coming back to my mystery purchase – I got slight wary that I had to enter all card details manually – only because it would take longer. Then I couldn’t complete the purchase due to the error message on the Web page. Eventually when purchase was completed and I sat prising myself for  successful purchase of birthday present. Then phone rang… And real night mare started then… The Fraud’s department from my bank was enquiring about recent transactions made to book hotel rooms in cities all over the world : Bucharest, Miami, Deli and London for total amount of over £4 000. After long hours of discussions, security checks and my true amazement I finally realised that someone hacked my card details. The feelings which were going through my head from anger to absolute helplessness and comprehension that I need to do something to protect myself and my privacy. Nevertheless to discuss now, 5 years later whether that was a website or internet connection, but I started researching into this question and came to conclusion there are some steps you, shoppers can take to protect your purchase of gorgeous new dress, trendy boots and evening clutch bag from favourite Italian designer with no doubt in mind.

What options you, as customers have got to protect yourselves against online scammers?  There are different ways to do so: First of all, personal precautions involve

  • make sure your anti-virus protection is up to date and you frequently changing login in details by making strong passwords ( this could be by choosing passwords containing block letters, numebrs and special characters)
  • check that website you have entered has got a security certificateSSL, HTTPS , Security Certificate, encrypted connection
  • do  not share your log in and security information details with anyone
  • do not use public Wi-Fi and hot spot to complete purchases where security data needs entering
  • make sure your phone’s internet and Bluetooth  are password protected if you are sharing internet or any private content.

Secondly, payment provider has to take care of the security measures. Some internet users prefer to pay for all online purchases by credit card, because nearly all credit card providers offer insurance and protection on all online purchases,  but you still need to enter car details at merchant website and details still can be stolen, just difference that you are guaranteed to get your money back on the fraud’s transactions.

Where’s using PayPal ,for example saves all the hassle by using their payment platform and navigating you directly from seller’s website therefore reducing the risk of exposing your car details. Moreover, if dispute with merchant arises, your purchase is protected by PayPal, representative contacts the seller, negotiates the best deal on your behalf and refunds you money if necessary. What more of protection do you need?Right?

As for me, the main benefits of PayPal are :payment details data are securely stored, quicker check outs, money back guarantee.PayPal, Visa, MasterCard , credit card, debit card


On our website we accept PayPal,debit and credit cards payments through the PayPal platform only. This means that nevertheless whether or not you have got PayPal account , you are able to complete purchase through their secure system

In respect to the customers who don’t have PayPal account and live outside UK,  they may face difficulties in transaction completion due to the some banks around the world not allowing platform such PayPal to process their customers’ payments . In such situation usually you can purchase an item directly , by entering your card details during the check out(unfortunately this option is not available on our website yet), or by signing up to create a PayPal account.

This issue hasn’t been known to appear in UK, but if for any reason system doesn’t allow you to complete purchase , first you need to check :

  • have you got enough funds (this does happen occasionally)?
  • has option to allow to make purchases online been enabled on your bank account (in some cases this is a situation resolution)? (in Latvia this was a case with some customers)
  • Please contact our friendly customer services team and we will be happy to assist you.


Happy shopping! We are looking after your sensitive information, while Italian quality goods are shipped to you.


Yours sincerely,


Julia @ Astrum Seven Designer Apparel

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