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Hi. We decided to keep a little intrigue around the reasons why we wanted to create a company with world’s famous brands and exclusive prices. Everything comes at a right time. We want to update our story continuously . So we hope you will stay with us throughout our journey and get to know all reasons behind creation of the Astrum Seven Designer Apparel or just – Astrum Seven.

Why this name? First of all , we are family-run business, with big ambitions to influence fashion industry, but meanwhile offering collections of apparel, shoe wear, bags and other accessories from favourite designers. We have got many plans and collaborative work planned ahead, but let’s start from basics- name of our brand. Name was based on  our son’s interest in stars (astrum- latin.) and his favourite number-  7.

galaxy, star, milky way, birth of the stars, reasons behind Astrum Seven name, family run business  It can sound simplistic, but we wanted to make our brand as personal as possible to be able to pass the message to our customers: that we want to be part of your shopping routine, that buying online can be safe with all the same benefits and high standards of customer service as at an exclusive shop on Oxford Circus. Is it easy to balance family life and demanding work commitments of the new fashion related company? No, but we knew it won’t be the “rose & petals” journey, so “Per aspera ad astra” (lat.)- meaning through hardship to the stars.




The basis of the design idea was conceptualized by us as well, and recreated by the professionals from incredible branding company (contact us for more details how to get in touch with branding gurus).

What we do? Let’s have a look…

Astrum Seven is in a partnership with a wide range of brands which are made in Italy and across the Globe. On our website there are products for everybody’s taste, from classic-chic to casual and avant-garde collections. Clothes and shoes lines inspired by past decades and street fashion are also available. Some collection are discounted already, simply because we managed to seal the best deal for our customers. Therefore, we do not offer everyday discounts and promotions and don’t flash “Sale” sign throughout the website. This is simply because we believe that quality comes with a price as well. We know that cost for every model is in creation of its design, manufacture and collection launch. Price we pay is not only for the material and delivery – it is for support of Fashion industry to continue what they do best – creating bespoke samples of perfection. These are the reasons why Astrum Seven promotes work of different designers throughout the website, and helps to shape the fashion industry, by calling customers to buy authentic goods, avoiding counterfeit category in their wardrobes and fashion concepts.

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